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Internet Website Design, Setup, Maintenance and Consulting
Network Installation, Maintenance and Consulting
Custom dBase Y2K Program Corrections
General Software Installation & Training


How much would you be willing to pay a salesperson who worked 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, exclusively promoting your products and/or services in both your own backyard and around the world?

The Internet World Wide Web connects millions of computers and therefore millions of business people looking to buy your products and/or services.  It does this not only globally but also within your specific market and local community, every day, around the clock, around the world.

You can have a web site for far less than just one moderate advertisement which only lasts until the publication is thrown away. And with your own web site and unique domain name your image is expanded to a world-wide sized business and one that is current in the trends of your your market and industry.

Your web site includes your own electronic mail (E-Mail) addresses permiting potential buyers to immediately contact you in response to your website and allowing you to communicate with them directly by E-Mail.

Imagine all of the above without having to pay anyone a salary or finders fees while allowing your business to take full advantage of the latest in technology.


If you had all the necessary hardware, software, technical expertise and time you could create your own website, but you have a business of your own to run and your time is valuable.

We already have all of the necessary tools and are immediately ready help in this new and exciting technology.
In developing your website we will listen to what you tell us about your specific business, industry, products, services, customers, etc.  We will carefully incorporate that information, plus anything else you think is important into your website in a straight-forward and professional manner.

Once your web site is established we can help promote and register your website throughout the Internet so customers can find your site and you can receive the maximum benefits available.

Just call or E-Mail to set up a meeting. We will ask questions to learn about your business and market. You will help us by providing brochures and other marketing materials (stationery, business card, photos, etc.) plus any special instructions or ideas.

The complete process is so simple and very inexpensive.

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